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Hey you guys! I havent been on in a while so im going to start fresh!

Well when i logged on i was like ‘Whoa’ i didnt know that we were going to have a Halloween Party.

Anyways, Here are the Places you go for your halloween basket

1. The candy bar is at the Snow forts, Click on the blue flag and it will appear!








2. The second one is in the light in the room above the dance club. the lamp, is right by the screen!









3. The lolipop is in the attic, right by the rocking horse in the blue box.

4.  The small candy is in the pot in the plaza.


5.  The fifth one is at the cove, just by the water, click on the warning sign. The candy will appear up on the surf shack.

6. This candy will look like a box and it will be on the iceburg in the sky. Just click on the constilation and i will appear.


7. This on is on the becon of the lighthouse.  So it will flash three times, then after the third flash, i will appear in the pumpkins eyes.


8.  The last one is in the book room. In a book on the bookshelf.

9. After you have done that, you may claim your prize.

10. Tada! This is how it will look when its on your player card


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  1. Tadaaaa!!!

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