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Hall of fame










good times centrapenguin…


[for inspireing us all]


hess cool




my friend knows you, she asked me to put you on here soo yeah

GurlyGirl somthing or another.



Mary Ann Doo

And Last of all..

 Club penguin support

Thanks for making a good website! If you didnt make club penguin website, we would not have cheats and stuff like that thnx! Youve Given Canaryhead so many chances! I Just wanna thank you so much!!



    • adinr2
    • Posted January 15, 2008 at 12:54 am
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    first comment yay!!!

  1. Yay for you!!

  2. How did you find out who banned Canaryhead?

  3. Annebell told me that this guy i was mad at told me REVENGE, so im like, “what?” and he logged off, so i logged off to eat dinner, then i logged back on it said banned forever, so i was like, wait a minuete, so i refreshed the page, i logged in again so i said ” O MY GOODNESS!! Anne! my penguin is banned!” she ran upstairs, and said ” what did u do?!!” ” i dont know what i did, i logged on and it said i was banned!” She said ” Are you sure it wasnt blue ray?” “blue ray?” i siad. she said “yeah, he said revenge!” so i was thinking, he probably has cp, trainer or somthing. so i was very mad. The end!!

  4. UGH!!! So annoying!

  5. what is??

  6. me being band? or people banning people?

  7. LOL

  8. how did plastic man cheated and lyed to you?

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