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November 1; i am starting a thing where i write in this every saterday and tell you about club penguin and everything else.  So november fourth is election day, either Barrack Obama and Joe Biden, or John McCain and Sarah Palin. Personally i want obama to win. I dunno, i think he will be good for our country. Anyways, Club penguin is having a thundershower!!! So watch out! The halloween party was good, the backround was cool, it just like made my player card alive!!  If you need help on knowing where anything is, just click the page happy Halloween, i will have it up there for another at least two weeks. Soo ill write next saturday. PEACEE!

Novmeber 14th

yeah sorry i forgot to do last week, it was a long week, but Yayy Barrack Obama is the president, i think he will be great for president. Well they fixed the dojo, and hae this gong thing whitch i think is a huge rip, RIP RIP RIP!!!! It comes up for like what, three seconds, then POOF! its gone. But anyways, the dojo looks alittle better i guess. And i have a cavity, and its hurts to eat sugar!!!!!!! Bye til next saterday!!!


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