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Hey guys, i have updated my site November first.  On my new page Guess what is just about every saterday i talk about whats going on in club penguin, anything new happinging to the site, and yeah. And on the halloween page is up there untill whenever the scavenger hunt ends.  Sooooooo yeah, Bye Penguins.


P.S. ask me anything ’bout club penguin, I dont bite 🙂



  1. Hm… I could maybe give you ideas. Make a contest, add a fun stuff page, about you page, idk.

  2. Or you could do a business! I do icons, Tigirl does headers, and Bbfreeze does animated headers and other animated icons and stuff.

  3. That sounds like a good idea, except they wont let me download things on my computer. Mabey i will draw pictures and do funny pics’n stuff.

  4. Here is the camp I went to. I’m not really sure if I spelled it right: Windemeer. I know I did not spell that right! 😆 It’s in Lake of the Ozarks (Missouri).
    If you’re far from MO, does your church have any camps that you could go to?

  5. srry i havent been here in a while been rlly busy anyways i got to go do my homework

  6. i think you should keep working hard and do what ur heart tells you 🙂

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