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this isnt working out for me, i have a bad sceduhle to be doing stuff like this and i try to do stuff with this and it never works out soo ill logg in only somtimess mk. thanks for underdtanding people.


yeah whashhup home skillitz

This Halloween i was with Annebell on club penguin.

We did all sorts of nonsence. See check it out.

P.S. I’m letting Annebell have some of these pictures so no saying she copied.








Hey guys, i have updated my site November first.  On my new page Guess what is just about every saterday i talk about whats going on in club penguin, anything new happinging to the site, and yeah. And on the halloween page is up there untill whenever the scavenger hunt ends.  Sooooooo yeah, Bye Penguins.


P.S. ask me anything ’bout club penguin, I dont bite 🙂

  You’re probably thinking ‘What!? But its Canaryhead, She cant be not Canaryhead!!’ yeah well CANARYHEAD IS GONE! Newsflash to all you people that dont know, yes i accedentally banned her:(. So its Marrabell now so Ignore the canaryhead parts for now, i wil be fixing them. TTFN


 Hey yall, What happend in my life this october is that i got a new cousin named danny, hes so cute!!! He weighed 9 lbs, 7 onces. What a cutie he is. I got a haircut [its a mericle for my mom cause i have very crazzy hair.] I didnt go trick or treating because i dunno, i just didnt feel good enough to because i couldnt hear for a while cause somthing happend to my ear and i had a headache [from mean teachers].  School has been going good i got my report cards, one c. 😦 the rest are b’s and 2 a’s.  Thats all, ill update this December 1st 08. Byeeee!!!